Welcome! This store is a labor of love, and I'm so glad you're here!

When I first started taking pictures of my two kiddos, I never in a million years dreamed that one day I would be creating art that I love and be in a position to help other photographers unleash their awesome. It is my goal to improve the work that photographers are making. I am inspired by love, light, and color and have a true love for teaching. I have three siblings...all teachers! And me? I'm a home health physical therapist and photographer. What do physical therapy and photography have in common? I'll tell you what: an ability to connect with another human being...being let into their lives to help and inspire them. I love what I do!

I have lots of ideas for products and services to help improve your art. Stay tuned!

And no blog post is complete without some pictures. Each of these images represents a tutorial that you get when you buy my Nothin' but Blue Skies overlays, actions, cloud brushes, and tutorials.


Pure awesome.